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Hot Spots
  • Angel Lake
  • Big Springs Res
  • Boulder Res
  • Carson River
  • Cave Lake
  • Comins Lake
  • Desert Creek
  • Illipah Res
  • Incline Lake
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Knott Creek Res
  • Lamoille Canyon
  • Onion Valley Res
  • Mason Valley Ponds
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Ruby Marshes
  • Rye Patch Res
  • South Fork Res
  • Sparks Marina
  • Squaw Creek Res
  • Topaz Lake
  • Walker Lake
  • Wall Canyon Res
  • Washoe Lake
  • Wildhorse Reservoir
  • Wilson Common
  • Wilson Res

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    Photo Gallery

    Fishing Nevada's Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs

    NV — Western Lakes, Streams and Reservoirs

    Big Springs Reservoir
    Big Springs Reservoir Fishing
    Boulder Reservoir
    Boulder Reservoir Fishing
    Lake Tahoe
    Lake Tahoe Fishing
    Onion Valley Reservoir
    Onion Valley Reservoir Fishing
    Pyramid Lake
    Pyramid Lake Cutthroat Trout Fishing
    Rye Patch Reservoir
    Rye Patch Reservoir Trout Fishing
    Sparks Marina
    Sparks Marina Fishing
    Squaw Creek Reservoir
    Squaw Creek Reservoir Fishing
    Wall Canyon Reservoir
    Wall Canyon Reservoir
    Mason Valley Ponds
    Mason Valley Ponds
    Incline Lake
    Incline Lake Fishing
    Topaz Lake
    Topaz Lake Fishing
    Carson River
    Carson River Fishing
    Desert Creek
    Desert Creek Fishing
    Washoe Lake
    Washoe Lake Fishing
    Walker Lake
    Walker Lake Fishing
    Wilson Common
    Wilson Common Fishing
    Knott Creek Reservoir
    Knott Creek Reservoir Fishing

    NV — Eastern Lakes, Streams and Reservoirs

    Lamoille Canyon
    Lamoille Canyon Fishing
    South Fork Reservoir
    South Fork Reservoir Fishing
    Wilson Reservoir
    Wilson Reservoir Fishing
    Angel Lake
    Angel Lake Fishing
    Illipah Reservoir
    Illipah Reservoir Fishing
    Cave Lake
    Cave Lake Fishing
    Ruby Lake
    Ruby Lake Fishing
    Comins Lake
    Comins Lake Fishing
    Wildhorse Reservoir
    Wildhorse Reservoir Fishing

    CA — Eastern Lakes, Streams and Reservoirs

    Antelope Lake
    Prosser Lake and
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