About Us

How it started

I created a website called FishtheWest.com back in 2005 to begin to document some of our outdoor adventures here in Nevada. I never grew up really enjoying the outdoors until I met my significant other, Andy. He introduced me to fishing and hunting and I just fell in love with it.

Now like I tell everyone, I don’t tout that I am a professional fisherman or hunter by any means… but what I am is an everyday person who enjoys sharing stories through photographs and blog posts so that others might find it fun to get out and experience everything that Nevada has to offer.

I own my own business making websites for other Nevada businesses here in Reno/Sparks… and with that flexibility and knowledge, I’ve created several of my own personal hobbie sites.

I have a wild game cuisine blog called NevadaFoodies.com that allows me to post wild game recipes and photographs of the meals. I have a local blog called RenoFoodies.com that I share with another partner where we dine out at local restaurant’s and give personal reviews of our experiences. I have my business website WestwardStrategy.com and I have Fishthewest.com which I’m hoping to bring back to 2011 with new updates and adventures!

Thanks for looking and be sure to leave a comment or send some of your adventure photos!Looking forward to starting new – Kristy!