December 2006


by Kristy on December 27, 2006

After looking through 365 days worth of photographs and editorials, 2006 had to be one of the Best Ever Year’s for Nevada Fishing, Hunting and all around Adventure.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed stories, photographs and shared some of their personal adventures with us and wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!

Months 1 Through 3
(January, February and March)

The first quarter of 2006 turned out to be a couple of busy months… especially fishing at Pyramid Lake, Walker Lake, Squaw Creek Reservoir, chukar hunting coming to a close, finding a new found friend underneathe our deck, having Fish The West website be nominated and win an Addy Award, a trip to Boise, Idaho and much much more.

January 2006
February 2006
March 2006

Months 4 Through 6
(April, May and June)

The second quarter of 2006 had it’s moments but Adventure # 1,010: Great Basin National Park, Lehman Caves, Comins Lake, Cave Lake, Elko and Unionville had to be the ultimate Nevada style adventure trip.

April 2006
May 2006
June 2006

Months 7 Through 9
(July, August and September)
July, August and September seemed to turn into three months of preparation for the 2006 Deer/Chukar/Elk Hunt; however, we did manage to find time to get some fishing in at Sqauw Creek Reservoir, the Truckee River, Inlcine Lake and a few other choice areas.

July 2006
August 2006
September 2006

Months 10 Through 12
(October, November and December)

Aaaa….how the time seems to fly by these days. October is always the best month of the year especially since Pyramid Lake opens back up to it’s fisherman, Chukar season opens and Rifle Hunters who were lucky enough to draw a tag, get to go after and chase down their Grand Prize. Lucky for us, we were able to end the 2006 year with new friends, new stories and unforgetable memories.
October 2006
November 2006
December 2006


Successful Swan Hunt with a Bonus

by Kristy on December 7, 2006

Thanks goes out to our ‘good friend’ for sending us some funny photographs from this last weekends Swan Hunt. This was one photo that we thought everyone might enjoy incase you were thinking about getting a new pet for Christmas…

Me and My Barn Owl

For those that don’t know or are unfamiliar with…there are federal regulations that state the following statutes which are enforced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which regulate the taking, possession, transportation, sale, purchase, barter, exportation, and importation of wildlife…Barn Owls being one of them. So remember…

  • Don’t take it
  • Don’t transport it
  • Don’t sell it
  • Don’t get it stuffed
  • Don’t pose with it
  • Don’t eat it
  • and Don’t play with it…Hahahhaa