August 2006

Dove Hunting Begins in Less Than 24 Hours

by Kristy on August 31, 2006

It’s already that time again…
It’s DOVE SEASON: September 1 – September 30


We Made It To Idaho!

by Kristy on August 29, 2006

I have to say that I have always enjoyed receiving fishing stories and photos from a couple of fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Wayne and Robin. If you don’t remember Wayne, he’s the one who caught the monster 35 1/2 inch 13 lb 9oz Cutthroat Trout using a chartreuse estaz body with black hackle back in April 2005.

Well they made it to Idaho!

“These are pictures taken in the White Cloud Mountains near Stanley, Idaho. We came upon a sow bear and 3 cubs. Try to zoom in on the bears if you can. I was with my brothers working (if that is what you can call it) spraying weeds and generally having a good time. The mountains were gorgeous!

I did fish the Salmon River and had a 30+ inch salmon on my Sage 5 weight and could not bring it to shore after fighting with it for a good 15 minutes. The goal was rainbows, but this guy caught me by suprise. “

Thanks Wayne…we look forward to more fishing tales from Idaho…


You Can Never Go Wrong With Premature Scouting

by Kristy on August 22, 2006

It may seem a bit premature to begin scouting for deer when we still have 47 days left till opening weekend, but any excuse to get off road every weekend and see some of Nevada’s wildlife works for us. With two and a half days to scout, the trip planned out and three areas plotted on the maps, we were off and running and loving every minute of it.

Lucky for us we did come across a few bachelor herds with some rather decent looking 3 and 4 point bucks, but there was nothing that would break any of the current Nevada State Records. All I know is that none of us minded not seeing a HUGE Mule Deer especially since that might take away from all of the excitement that we have left to look forward too in the next 47 days till opening season.

Trying to get through to check out a one more spot. – More Photos

Two Burrow Owls out on the hunt.More Photos


Trout Fishing on the Little Truckee

by Kristy on August 18, 2006

Thanks David for sharing your pictures with us…and Congrats to you on your win.

“Here’s a trout for you, fresh from the Little Truckee River yesterday where I celebrated my Primary election win (and yes, it was released.)”


Volunteer and Participate in Preservation

August 14, 2006

Are you interested in getting close up and personal with Nevada’s Wildlife or are you simply interested in some adventures off-road? If any of this sounds appealing to you ….be sure to look at becoming a volunteer for the Department of Wildlife this year. NDOW has several Volunteer Activities that are ongoing and scheduled throughout [...]

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Sardine …Anyone?

August 11, 2006

With the sun setting fast and the fish rising all around us, we only had an hour left for fishing before we had to head in from Inlcine Lake. I was lucky enough, this time, to actually get something hooked at the end of my line….and with no complaints, I’d have to say that little [...]

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Luckier Than The Rest of Us on The Truckee

August 9, 2006

I have to admit that I am not an experienced fly fisherman when it comes to fishing on the Truckee River or any River really. It takes a different expertise and an in depth knowledge about the changes in the river flow and the river currents which almost make it seem like you have to [...]

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