August 2005

Antelope Hunt – One Shot is all it Took

by Kristy on August 23, 2005

With a rough score of 80, one shot is all it took to take down this pronghorn. Great hunt!

Stay tuned for more photos from this week’s adventure.


Antelope Hunt – Status as of August 22, 2005

by Kristy on August 22, 2005

Do you ever wonder why everyone thinks that they have a secret spot or some kind of personal ownership to a spot, when in reality – every secret spot is in someway or somehow found by someone else?

Did that make sense?

All I can say is that the old adage’s hopefully have some truth to them…”What comes around goes around” and all “good things come to those that wait”! The hunt’s still on – well at least until August 26, 2005.

Stay tuned – we still have four days left!


Big Fish in Alaska – 207 Pounds to be Exact!

by Kristy on August 22, 2005

Thanks to Scott for his photos from the ‘Best Fishing Trip’ he’s ever had in Alaska.

Top Photo: 165lb Halibut caught in Homer Alaska. Bottom Photo: 42lb King Salamon caught outside of Soldotna, Alaska.

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Open Counties: Statewide
Limit / Daily Possession: 10/20

LIMIT: Limit singly or in aggregate.
Shooting hours: One half hour before sunrise to sunset daily.
Note: White-wing dove seasons is closed in all counties except Clark and Nye counties.

More Information:


This Weekend…Size Does Matter – Part Two

August 18, 2005

Allright …so I guess I’m a little behind in my part two continuation to the last post I made regarding the Antelope Scouting trip, but trust me, this time I should have a better story after the real Antelope hunt this weekend. Here’s some interesting information on how to score your pronghorn antelope and some [...]

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Size Usually Does Matter… But Not this Weekend

August 1, 2005

Antelope Scouting, Day 1 We left at 7:00 AM Saturday and returned home Sunday at 5:00 PM and within that short amount of time, we experienced and saw more natural wonders than most people see in a weekend at home watching the Discovery Channel. Summit Lake – Paiute TribeThis is a natural body of water [...]

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Wayne and Robin Fish Hunter Creek

August 1, 2005

Wayne and his wife Robin, decided to hike up to one of their favorite streams, Hunter Creek. They have been fly fishing Hunter Creek for about 15 years. The stream is in the MT. ROSE WILDERNESS AREA. Wayne goes on to say, “We use a 4 wt.,7 1/2 fly rod, so that makes catching these [...]

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